Business Presentation Skills

The centre of a Presentation is the Speaker. Yet power points and visuals have taken over the scene reducing the speaker to a mere fumbling voice in the semi dark - almost a redundant creature.

Our attempt is to ensure that a Presentation remains a ‘dialogue’ primarily between the speaker and his/ her audience; that at the end of the Presentation the audience is closer in their understanding to the meaning of the speaker; that they have heard, understood and been with the speaker as he/ she took them through the well structured and well focused course of the Presentation; that, in short, the Presentation was relevantly absorbing and left the audience with something to think about.

So where do we begin and where does this journey take us?

We have to consider

  • Preparing the content
  • Understanding the audience requirement
  • Being clear about our purpose
  • Speaking clearly to be understood
  • Having the vocabulary and the language, and selecting what’s appropriate
  • Being expressive, conversational – the effective ‘story-teller’
  • Knowing about body language, appearance and the related non verbal skills
  • Organizing visuals, Power Point slides that support but do not override the speaker

Therefore, it’s back to practice, discussion, analysis and more practice. For us there is only one word; CONFIDENCE. Let’s see how to keep it alive.

Trainer for Business Writing and Presentation Skills: Ms Malavika Nagarkar is a M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Essex, UK and M.A. in English Literature from the University of Mumbai. She also has a PG Certificate in Teaching of English from C.I.E.F.L, Hyderabad (Distinction).

Her area of expertise lies in Business Communication Skills (Writing, Speaking, Inter-personal Skills, Speech, Diction and Speaking with Expression, Group Discussion techniques). She is currently a faculty at various management institutes and has conducted several training programs and workshops in companies for writing, speaking and presentation skills, personality development, etiquettes etc.

She has been awarded the British Council TCTP Award for study in the UK.

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