• "The German Dual System, which I understand IGTC follows is unique as this system integrates theoretical learning with hands on practical experience. I am confident that many of the students here today will make significant contributions..."

    Dr. Deepak Parekh Chairman, HDFC Bank

  • "BASF is happy to support the Management Programme of IGTC and to run the signature Seminar Series on Corporate Ethics for the students, which makes them aware of the corporate values needed in professional careers..."

    - Dr. Raman Ramachandran Head South Asia, Chairman & Managing Director, BASF India Ltd.

  • "At Bosch, we have IGTC students working in HR, Accounts, Sales, Controlling, Finance, Purchase, Marketing and that says it all. Our experience with IGTC students has been extremely positive. They have lived up to the potential displayed during training phases..."

    - Mr. A. Krishna Executive Director - Finance and Commercial, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • "Students who have done the IGTC Management programme are ready to deliver on the job in our organization. The theory lectures prepares them from an intellectual perspective. They get to know their training organizations well...."

    - Mr. Rupesh Basu Head - Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Siemens Ltd.

  • "The German System of Dual Learning is a win-win situation for students and German companies alike. The students have a distinctive edge by having corporates as their learning partner and having the benefit of being selected by some of the best German MNCs in India..."

    - Ms. Padma Gupta Director, Human Resources, Haefele India Pvt. Ltd.

  • "The dual system of training provides a unique opportunity for organizations to mould talent into their respective grooves, thereby facilitating quick returns on programme completion, both for the student as well as the company..."

    - Arun Roy Director and COO - Controlling & Operations, Skil North America, Bosch Power Tools Corporation, USA (Alumni, Batch 1992 - 1994)

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